Sometimes the person you take a bullet for is behind the trigger

Arms wide open. I stand alone. I’m no hero and I’m not made of stone. Right or wrong? I can hardly tell…

New ink. Aku soku zan. Done by Enoki Soju.

New ink. Aku soku zan. Done by Enoki Soju.


I like to be touched. I like it when my hair gets played with. I like kisses. I like being touched gently. I like feeling fingertips being traced on my skin. I like not feeling alone. I love cuddling. I love sex. I love hugs and random displays of affection. 

Love this.

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I wish I could change the hearts of many to see what these eyes could see.

I believe I have to walk this road alone. Even though I’m wandering I am not lost. I’m just looking for the answers to questions that are past, present and future. The ones that have been asked and the ones yet to be asked. This is my journey. Join me. Learn and experience with me. I would enjoy some company.